Psalm 38

God never levies punishment on us for our sin but he does discipline. When he disciplines his purpose is to bring us to appropriate remorse and repentance.

     O Jehovah, this sickness is hard to bear especially since I understand it is your discipline for my sin. My iniquity is great!

     My fever is sapping all my energy and robbing the light from my eyes, the hearing from my ears and the speech from my mouth. I know I am guilty and my heart is broken with sorrow and remorse.

     I long for you to draw near; all others have abandoned me. All my hope is in you.

     My enemies, the world’s culture that wants to press me into its mold, my own sinful self-absorption and desires, as well as Satan himself, are strong against. They think they can conquer me in this weakness.

     Please do not abandon me, Jehovah. O, Triune God, Elohim, stay close and help me! Please don’t let my enemies rejoice over me and boast against me because I have sinned. O Adonai, my master, Blessed Controller of all things, forgive me! Save me!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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