Psalm 41

When God forgives he wraps me in the righteousness of Jesus Christ                                               and deals with me that way!

Blessed is the one who comes near the helpless to render aid.

Jehovah will rescue him in times of distress, preserve him and keep him alive, protecting him from the will of his enemies. Jehovah will strengthen him on his sickbed and restore him from his illness.

Oh, Jehovah, I hope those words apply to me! I have sinned against you and I need your mercy. My enemies hope this illness will be the death of me. They visit me and speak lies to me and then about me to others. Even my trusted friend has turned against me assuming I will not live much longer.

But you, Oh Jehovah, please be merciful and raise me up to strength again. Knowing my heart you know I am repentant, remorseful over my sin; you are pleased with me, keeping my enemy from triumphing over me. You hold me up before your face and sustain me because I am forgiven.

Blessed be the Great I AM, the Triune, supreme God of Israel, from eternity past to eternity future. Surely and truly this is so!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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