Psalm 49:10-20

Riches + honor + power – redemption = nothing.

             Most carefully avoid discussing it – but everyone dies. Wealthy, insolent, senseless all leave their accumulated wealth to others. They pour themselves into earthly investments building up wealth and even dignity as though they would last forever. But man and beast alike go to the grave.

            Those who trust only in themselves, as well as those who follow them applauding their philosophies, are destined for the grave. When the morning dawns the rulers will be those to whom God has given his righteousness.

            Elohim, the Triune God, has declared the relationship I share with him to be unbreakable so I am confident he will deliver me from the grave and take me to be with him forever!

            Do not be impressed with riches and mansions and the praise of men (everyone praises the prosperous). No one takes any of that when they die. Unless they have responded to the light and see the truth they will exist in darkness for eternity.

            Riches + honor + power – redemption = nothing.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew.


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