Psalm 50:16-23

The one who acknowledges God with gratitude and praise brings him honor, preparing the way for the salvation of God.

      This is what God says to the ungodly, “Don’t think you impress me with your recitation of my laws, your prayer beads, your religious routines. I know your heart; you hate my instruction and ignore what I say. You are a thief and an adulterer. You use your words to wound and deceive. Don’t mistake my silence for negligence. You cannot hide your evil actions from me. I will convict you in my court of judgment. Before your very eyes I will display what you have done and show you the life you could have lived if you had loved me.

      “Consider this, you who insist on ignoring me, lest I pull you to pieces with no one to rescue you: he who acknowledges me with gratitude and praise brings me honor, preparing the way for me to show him the salvation of God.”

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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