Psalm 53

     It is foolish for a person to declare within his own heart, “There is no God who loves and cares for his own.” Submission to God trumps earthly intelligence. This fool may be considered wise but is actually oblivious to the true nature of reality. He is corrupt. Not one thing he ever does is called “good” by God.

     God observes mankind to take note of anyone who does understand the true nature of reality sufficiently to seek after him. What he sees is every human being in rebellion against him, corrupt. Total depravity infects humanity! Not one person does what is truly good from his heart. Not even one!

     Will the evildoers never learn that judgment is coming? Because they reject God, they never call on him but continue in their rank independence from him, exploiting each other as naturally as eating. Since they have no God to love and care for them their hearts are overwhelmed with dread of they-know-not-what.

     God cares for those to whom he gives his righteousness, taking action against their oppressors. When he rescues, let us exult with glee!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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