Psalm 59


I hope you mark your Bible, making it your OWN!

   Pull me out; rescue me, O my God. Set me on high out of the reach of my enemies. The world culture around me presses me into its mold. My own depravity, my bent toward sin, my history and habits undermine my desire to obey you. Satan continually accuses me reminding me of my sinfulness. My enemies are too powerful for me but you, Lord God Almighty, will mock them. (That bears pondering in praise.)

     I will focus my attention on you, my Strength – the one who establishes an inaccessible place for my protection. In your loyal love you go before me, preparing my eventual triumph over all my enemies.

   O Adonai, bring them down. Catch them in their lies, scatter them by your power, consume them. But leave them alive as a witness to the world that evil does not pay. Then the whole world will be faced with the glory of God’s justice. (I will pause to think seriously about that.)

     They are relentless, my enemies. They prowl and snarl in their determination to take me out of your grasp – which they can never do.

     I am determined to sing of your power. Every morning I will arise with a song of praise for your love and your protection. I will sing aloud of your mercies, new every morning. You defend me, preventing the access of my enemies. You are my strength, my fortress, O Elohim, my loving God!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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