Psalm 62

   My soul waits in restful silence in Elohim, the Triune God. He is my firm foundation, my deliverance and my safe refuge, protecting me from great emotional turmoil in which my faith could be shaken.                                                                                                       

     O, my enemies (world, flesh, devil) how long will you assail this vulnerable woman, intending to pull me down from the exalted position Christ has given me? I hear your enticing temptations but you speak with lies and curses in your hatred of me.

     Quiet yourself in God alone, my soul. My hope resides in him; he gives me reason to expect good from him. He alone is my firm foundation, my deliverance and my safe refuge, protecting me from being shaken to the core.

     O people, be bold in the confident security God provides – trust him; he is the safe place for us. My salvation from the confinement of sinfulness as well as my reputation depend on God, my refuge and the mighty rock on which I take my stand.

   Lowborn or high, life is empty and deceitful without God. Don’t place your trust or set your heart on anything money can buy.

     Many times you have reminded me all power rests in you, O God. You are able to protect and deliver me from my enemies. As you demonstrate your power you always combine it with your steadfast covenant love for your own.

     You will reduce each and every person to what was done in response to the faith you give and the grace you supply.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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