Psalm 63

     Elohim, I bow before you as my own Almighty God. Before I get into my day I report for duty, diligently seeking communion with you. This is a dry and barren land in which I live and my soul thirsts for deeper fellowship with you. My body is wearing out; it longs to be reunited with you forever.

     I have experienced your presence; I have see your power and glory demonstrated on behalf of those who belong to you. Far more valuable than physical life is the loyal love you show to those in covenant with you. You fill my inward being as with a banquet. While I live I will sing praise, adoration and worship of you, lifting up my hands in honor of your character.

     Often in the night you withhold your gift of sleep and I commune with you. I ponder your faithful help, rejoicing in the confidence of your care. I ask you to meet the needs of those I love, giving them your gift of sleep or replacing it with this sweet communion. Remind us to cling to you because your right hand holds us up.

     You will dispense with my enemies who are too strong for me. My own self-absorption and history, the world culture around me seeking to make me conform and Satan himself – they all conspire against me but you will destroy these enemies of my soul.

     I rejoice in my Elohim! I swear by your character and praise you as you teach me your name.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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