Psalm 64

     O Elohim, Supreme, Triune God, my enemies continually attack me. My self-centeredness, my habits and history, the culture in my world that presses me into its mold and Satan himself – always seeking to destroy my connection to you. They think their evil plans are perfect, that no one sees what they do or identifies them as enemies. Please reassure me you will not let that happen; you will protect my relationship with you and you will deal with them!

     We have a false rhyme that says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Those you have made righteous are wounded by sharp tongues used like deadly arrows shooting from ambush. Sometimes we carry those wounds for a lifetime; they affect our response to you. Please heal this emotional damage!

     They think no one sees what they do or identifies them as enemies but you will strike them down with your own sharp arrows, trapping them in their lies. You will deliver them to open scorn so all mankind gives attention to your treatment of evil, fearing your wrath against sin and proclaiming your victory.

     Truly, those you make righteous rejoice in you, taking refuge in you and praising you from the heart!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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