Psalm 66:13-20

     O Lord, when I have made vows to you I will fulfill them, bringing the sacrifices of repentance and praise into your presence. After all, repentance is your gift to me and you deserve all praise!

     All you who appropriately revere God, fearing his wrath against sin, come near and hear me testify to what God has done for me: If I had continued to prefer my sin over the forgiveness and cleansing God offered, he would not have responded to my cries for rescue. God’s demonstration of power in a life does not coexist with unforgiven sin in that life. But he gave me the wondrous gift of repentance, cleansed me from sin and turned my heart to himself. He listened and acted to rescue me from condemnation.

     I adore my God who did not reject my prayer nor withhold his love from me!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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