Psalm 68:1-14

     O God arise in power to scatter your enemies like smoke or melting wax. Let those who hate you flee and the wicked perish in your presence.

     Those to whom you give your righteousness respond with heart gladness. We rejoice exceedingly before our God. We sing the praise you deserve, the one who rides upon the clouds. We celebrate before Yah, the self-existent Great I AM!

     Lord, I love your plan to establish us in families, making provision for orphans, widows, the lonely, bringing captives out into prosperity. Give me discernment and grace to participate appropriately in your plan to care for the needy.

     Your provision for your people Israel was earth-shaking. You marched them through the wilderness, giving rain, food, rest, refreshment, discipline and your very presence. The rebellious were refused entrance to the land; you led the faithful in to settle. (Pause for a moment and think about that.)

     It is my privilege to be numbered among the great company of those who proclaim your Word, sometimes speaking out and teaching, sometimes providing prayer support for the Proclaimers. I love how we all are part of your process in getting your Word out. What matters most in life is your presence with us, no matter where you place us on the face of the earth.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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