Psalm 68:15-35

     Your thousands upon thousands of angels and chariots are always present bringing captives to freedom from bondage in sin. You receive our grateful praise and even the rebellious acknowledge your actions on behalf of your loved ones.

   I praise and adore Adonai who daily bears my burdens. (Don’t rush through that sentence. Stop and appreciate that fact!)

     The Almighty is Jehovah, the Great I AM. He gives life, providing salvation through Christ, escape from eternal condemnation. God will decisively defeat his enemies and a victory procession will follow.

     When my faith falters, O God, remind me of your past demonstrations of love for me and power on my behalf. I want to stay steadfast, singing praise and proclaiming your majesty and power. Thank you for remaining present with me, providing the strength I need to be faithful to you. I praise you, Elohim!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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