Psalm 69:13-36

     Lord, I beg for your favor, your mercy. I deserve nothing from you but I need everything! Rescue me from my enemies; don’t let them engulf me and pull me away from you. Deliver me because of your abundant mercy and kindness. I am deeply grateful that you do not abandon me forever, sinful as I am.

     My continued failure to be faithful breaks my heart and brings me shame and disgrace. I am completely helpless to live for you unless you hold me up in your grace. Without you I can do absolutely nothing that pleases you. I look for help and comfort from my companions and they have none to offer.

   Lord, I want to see the destruction of the enemies of my soul. They come against all who love you. When you discipline us in love to focus attention on our sin, they attempt to turn us against you by focusing our attention on our pain. Blot them out!

     I am needy and filled with pain. As you meet my need and rescue me I will make it known that you have acted on my behalf, never despising the captives who seek you. You keep your promises. You will bring the captives to freedom!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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