Psalm 71:1-8

     O Jehovah, you gave the command that saved me from eternal condemnation. All my confidence resides only in you forever! In your righteousness and trustworthiness you continue to deliver me from myself, my sinful attitudes, my gluttony, my ugly heart of proud superiority. Though I keep failing, the gate of my rock of refuge, the entrance into your very self, remains open to me.

     You have had your hand on me from before you created the earth. When I was 5 you moved me to request that you make me as white as snow. When I was 15 you revealed that “old things pass away and all things become new” and brought me to commit my life completely to you.* Since my youth you have led me to expect all-good from you, assuring my soul of your powerful presence on my behalf.

     People are warned of danger and impressed with your grace so apparent in my life. I am nothing – it is all you, my rock and my Redeemer! You fill me with praise and provide abundant opportunities to direct attention to you. 

– Personalized from the original Hebrew

*At the summer camp evening campfire the girl behind me quoted 1 Corinthians 5:17. I was struck with the depth of that verse, realizing there was MUCH more to being a Christian than I had previously thought!


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