Psalm 72

     O God, we need rulers who are ruled by your justice, wrapped in your righteousness. Give us leaders who care deeply for the plight of the poor and helpless. We pray for justice to prevail, implemented by those who respond to you.

     We look forward with eager anticipation to the rule of King Jesus who will reign forever over the earth. Peace will abound when he reigns from sea to sea, over the entire earth. All other rulers will bow in submission to him. The fierce desert tribes like ISIS will either serve him or be eliminated.

     King Jesus will provide for healthy crops and joyful people. His name and his fame will spread over all the earth as everyone prays to him and for him and calls him blessed.

     Blessed be Jehovah, the Triune God over his people. He alone accomplishes good things beyond our imagination. His name is glorious forever. Surely the whole earth is filled with his glory!

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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