Psalm 73:1-14

     O God, I know your blessings abound to those you love, those you have claimed as your own. That is a foundational truth on which I stand, and yet… I almost stumble and fall when I look around me and see the obvious success of so many who reject you.    

     In the absence of problems they thrive, healthy, wealthy and strong. They attribute their success to their own ingenuity, wisdom and good luck. Certainly they give you no credit for the strength of their bodies, the wisdom of their minds or the circumstances that come together so perfectly for them. Personal pride leads them to violence when they think it benefits them. They will do anything to procure the best of what they desire, oppressing others casually. Their mouths are full of blasphemy toward you and malice toward mankind. Incredibly, they are confident of an eternity just as pleasant as their earth-life. Their influence is detrimental as people idolize them, drinking in their every word as though you do not hear, do not see, do not exist.

     This is what it looks like to me: the wicked who reject you are free of concern as they increase their wealth by whatever means possible, while I, the one who loves you, live with chronic pain and struggle to make ends meet. It feels like doing right out of love for you makes no difference as far as blessings are concerned. Your kindness goes out to the wicked. Your challenges go out to me.                                                                 

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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