Psalm 73:15-28

     I have been careful to keep these thoughts to myself (the thoughts that your kindness goes out to the wicked and your challenges go out to me) so as not to foster confusion and doubt in others of your children. But trying to understand wore me out!

     Then you drew me into your presence and spoke peace to my heart and soul, revealing once again the final destiny of those who reject you. If they enjoy good things in this life, that’s all they get. They live in ignorance on a very slippery slope. There is nothing permanent about them. In your contempt you will destroy them, casting them down and sweeping them away like a dream vanishes when one awakes.

     When I allowed myself to think the wicked were blessed and I was not, I was senseless and ignorant, like a brute beast before you. Thank you for clearing my mind, loving me out of those thoughts and into truth.

   My blessings? Why, I am always with you. Your presence is my constant companion as you love me, holding my hand and providing essential wisdom for me day by day. Beyond that you assure my soul I will spend eternity in your presence. In actual fact there is nothing, no blessing, no wealth, no success I desire beyond you, yourself! Chronic pain may be my constant companion in this earth-life but Elohim is the strength seeing me through; he is my rock and my inheritance forever!

     I understand those who reject you will be rejected by you, they will perish and be destroyed. But as for me, the nearness of Elohim is my good. Adonai Jehovah is my refuge. I declare to the world, “Your grace is enough, your grace is enough, your grace is enough for me! I want nothing more.”

– Personalized , researching key words in the original Hebrew


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