Psalm 74

     O God, you have promised never to leave me and yet there are times I feel you turn your face away from me. When I am rebellious, rising up in my pride and independence, the intimacy of our relationship is adversely affected.

     I have yielded to my enemies and they are victorious over me. My own ego and self-absorption, the world culture around me that intends me to be just like everyone else who resists you and Satan himself all work continually to pull me away from you. They are gaining ground, Lord! Please remember me and come to my defense!

     I know you are aware of what is happening and I know you will not let it continue forever. But how long will you leave me in this condition? How long will you allow the mocking enemies to gain ground? The waiting room is the hardest place to be! I don’t understand why you hold back the power of your hand.

     You are my King forever, Elohim! I know you eventually will deliver your loved ones. Your power splits the seas and eliminates threats. You cause springs and streams to dry up or to flow freely. You possess the day; the night is yours. You established the orbit of the sun, bringing seasons on the earth.

   O Jehovah, remember how enemies blaspheme and fools despise your name. Protect your vulnerable beloved from those devouring beasts.

     Please don’t let this distance between us remain forever! Remember the covenant you established with me and all you call “mine.” We now acknowledge our poverty of spirit and how greatly we need your intervention on our behalf! Protect us from retreating in disgrace so we can rise up and praise you.

     Come forth to confirm your covenant, O God; defend your cause. The very din of the scoffers is an uproar calling for your action against them.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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