Psalm 75

     I am grateful to you, O God. I am deeply thankful that you are near me every moment – never distant or unavailable – no matter how I feel or how I behave, the fact is you are always near me. Thank you for giving me a thirst for your scriptures. I love what I learn there about your wonderful works in this world.

    You reassure me when you say, “I choose the right time for every event. I am a fair and just Judge.

     “When you feel the earth quake and people despair, I am the Mighty One who supports the planet. I provide the foundational stability for the creation and all social and political relationships. I provide a measure of grace to all on the earth. No harm ever comes to anyone beyond what I ordain to use as means of discipline and judgment.

     “Arrogant, boastful people are like horned bulls sticking out their chins and waving their heads in defiance of me. No one on earth can accomplish true exaltation of a man; certainly no one can genuinely exalt himself. It is I who bring one down and exalt another. I am in control of all human social and political structures!

     “I hold in my hand the terrible cup of my deep hatred for sin. When I pour it out the wicked of the earth drink deeply of it and are forever condemned!”

     As for me, I rejoice to have been brought into fellowship with Elohim. I will sing his praise forever, doing my part to dehorn the wicked and give appropriate recognition to the righteous.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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