Psalm 76

     Elohim is known in Judah; his character is revealed in Israel and recorded for us in holy writ. He is near to those he loves and defeats their enemies. (That truth is worth pondering; don’t rush past it.)

     In you is life and your life is the resplendent light of men, far more majestic than the mountains you make rich with game. You are a truly fearsome God! Your wrath against sin is a dreadful fury. At your rebuke our enemies are defeated and stilled no matter how strong they are. No one can stand before your hatred for sin.

   Your wrath is to be feared; it also is to be praised for it is just. You alone are to be truly feared for when you speak your judgment the forces of chaos and evil flee before you and peace reigns. (That is amazing! I need to pause for a moment and let that sink in.)

   Your wrath is praised by those who love you. It restrains wickedness because fear keeps the wicked from fully working out their schemes. Kings fear you; having seen your great victories they know they cannot endure before you.

     Any vows I make to you, my God, please enable me to fulfill because I deeply desire to do so!

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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