Psalm 77

   In my abject helplessness I consistently cry out to God for the support and strength I need. My soul rejects help from any other source knowing it to be insufficient and useless. I am in distress, beseeching the Lord Adonai to be my strength, to help me.

     In the past I called. You answered and you came to my rescue and I just want to be where you are, Elohim!

     We were close in those days. I would sing to you in the night and commune with you on my bed. Now you seem to be silent, rejecting me; I am confused and troubled. Are you so angry that you are no longer my merciful, compassionate Father? I refuse to dwell on such thoughts!

     I will think about the ways you demonstrated your love and power on behalf of your loved ones in the past. I will talk about your miracles, your redemption, your greatness.

   There is no god so great as our God. You are right to be displeased with our rebellion. I pray you will forgive us and come near once again.

     I will focus my attention on your great deeds of past power and protection for your loved ones. I will remember your miracles. What you do is always perfect and right, O God Almighty. With your strong arm you have redeemed your people. The waters are in submission to you, standing on edge to let your people pass through, raining down to water the crops. Your voice thunders; you light up the sky with lightning. Through chosen servants you lead your loved ones like a flock of sheep.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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