Psalm 78:52-72

     Even though many of God’s people rebelled against him repeatedly, he brought them out of bondage in Egypt into freedom in Canaan, leading them like a shepherd with his sheep. They were safe and unafraid. God drove out the inhabitants of the land, settling his people according to the lands he allotted to them.

     Yet God’s loved ones rebelled again and again, choosing other gods to worship! Everyone did whatever he thought was right in his own heart, with no regard to the laws of God.

     The disloyalty, idolatry and rebellion of his people provoked El Elyon, the Most High God, to the point he was furious enough to let their enemies put them to the sword, victorious over them.

     Then Adonai awoke as from a deep sleep, beating back his enemies and those of his loved ones. He rejected all other tribes of Israel, choosing only the line of David in the tribe of Judah to shepherd his people. In his great grace and mercy God provided for me from that line my Savior and Shepherd, Jesus Christ, the Promised Messiah.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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