Psalm 84

     O Jehovah Sabaoth, Lord of the hosts of heavenly armies, my protector, it is wonderful indeed to live in your presence like sparrows nesting in the eaves near your altar. My heart longs to remain in close fellowship with the living God, the Almighty One, and I am fully determined to do so. Since Christ took on flesh, becoming Immanuel, we are never separated because God is always with us. What immeasurable blessing this is! (This blessing is worthy of my careful attention and my praise.)

     You have given me the blessing of recognizing the only strength I have is provided by you. You draw me into worship and bless me there!

     You give me difficult assignments bringing forth tears to water the ground, making my desert an oasis and causing me to advance from one strength to the next until I see you face to face!

     I know you hear my prayer, O Lord of the hosts of armies, Jehovah Sabaoth. You listen, Elohim, God of Jacob. Leaders who represent us before you need your help in these days of chaos! (That cry for help deserves a moment of reflection.)

     Jehovah Elohim gives life and light, favor and honor, withholding nothing he considers good from those whose walk he has made blameless in his sight! That is why I would rather live in close fellowship with God than live anywhere else in the world, no matter my wealth or station!

     O Jehovah Sabaoth, how richly blessed is the one to whom you have given deep confidence in you!

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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