Psalm 85

     Jehovah, there was a time you were pleased, reconciled with your land. You set your affection on it, restoring its fortunes, forgiving the iniquity of the people, covering their sins. You passed over their sins to demonstrate your righteousness in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. This was to reveal yourself as just and the justifier of those to whom you give faith in Jesus.*

     Your expressions of past mercies give us hope for our future, though the present is bleak in terms of our leadership and the corruption of our nation. Bring a reversal to our nation and revival to our souls, O God! Show us your loyal, covenant love that we may rejoice in you once again.

     I will give heed to what Jehovah says. He promises peace to those in covenant with him but they are not to fall into foolishness again. Truly his deliverance is near for those who submit appropriately to his authority over them. That will result in his honor in our land.

     There is blissful accord when life is enjoyed in covenant with God. Love, faithfulness, righteousness, peace and all God considers good and beneficial bless the life in harmony with God. Because God is pleased with this man he orders his steps in the right way.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew

*Romans 3:21-26


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