Psalm 86

     O Jehovah bend all the way down to hear and answer me, for I am depressed in mind and circumstance, destitute and oh, so needy! Put a protective hedge around my soul for I love you and am committed to you, my Elohim! Rescue me and bring me out to freedom for my confidence rests only in you.

   Stoop all the way down to show kindness I don’t deserve, Adonai, for I cry out to you all day long. My soul longs for you; give it your joy for you are all-good. I do not deserve your forgiveness but you are abundant in mercy and ready to pardon.

     O Jehovah, hear my prayer, my supplication. I know you will answer when I call on you in my distress. There is no god like you, Adonai, no works like yours. All nations you have brought forth shall one day be gathered in to pay homage to you and glorify your name. You are mighty; you accomplish what is too amazing for words. You alone are Elohim!

     Instruct me in your course of life, O Lord. Give me your grace to walk in your truth! Focus my attention on the most important thing: appropriate reverence for you. You have shown great kindness to me in delivering my soul from the condemnation my sinfulness deserves. I desire to praise you with all my being, O Lord my God, and honor your name forever.

     O God, I am always under attack from my enemies, the world, my own flesh and the devil. But you are full of compassion, grace, patience, mercy and truth – and you are my God! O turn to me and strengthen me for this spiritual warfare. Show me a beacon for good that shames those who hate me, because Jehovah helps and comforts me.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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