Psalm 88

This is perhaps the blackest of all laments in the Psalms. Most laments contain elements of praise; not this one. The only glimmer of hope here is that the psalmist prayed at all and referred to Jehovah as “the God of my salvation.” The Christian’s hope is not in the avoidance of suffering but in knowing there is meaning. Christ will redeem the soul and the suffering. If God’s purpose (His glory and our good) could be accomplished just as well by a different assignment, he would be giving us a different assignment.

     O Jehovah, God of my salvation, I cry night and day to you, year after year. My life and soul have always been full of trouble and near death. Shall I be able to declare your lovingkindness and faithfulness in the grave? I feel you have forgotten and discarded me. Why do you cast me away and hide your face from me?

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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