Psalm 89

     O Jehovah, I will sing of your loyal covenant love forever doing all I can to help generations following me to understand you are TRUSTWORTHY.

     God has said, “I establish my covenant forever; my trustworthiness is established in the very heavens. I have made a blood covenant with my chosen servant David: ‘Your seed I establish forever; I will make your throne firm through all generations.’” (Stop and think about that.)

     All the heavenly beings you created praise your wonders and your faithfulness. O Jehovah Sabaoth, Lord of all the heavenly armies, there is none like you! You rule the seas, the heavens and all the earth. Loyal love and truth prepare the way before you. Truly blessed are we who are personally acquainted with the joyful sound of victory that accompanies you.

     We are privileged to live in the light of your presence, rejoicing in your name, celebrating your righteousness. All glory goes to you for whatever strength we display. You lift us up simply to bestow your favor. Jehovah is our protection.

     At one time you gave a vision to your faithful people: “I have anointed my servant David. My hand will sustain him; my faithful love will be with him forever. He will call me ‘Father, God, Rock, Savior.’ My covenant with him will never fail; his throne will last as long as the heavens endure. I will punish his sons who forsake me but I will never take my love from him nor ever betray my faithfulness.” (That is God’s covenant. Stop and remember that!)

     Right now, O Lord, our disobedience has exposed us to your wrath. You have brought enemies to defeat us. Refusing to strengthen us for battle, you have covered us in shame and sent us into exile. It seems that you have renounced your covenant with David. (I know you tell me to stop and ponder this but I can hardly bear to think of it.)

     Will you hide yourself from us forever, Lord? Will your wrath never cease? (I can’t stop thinking about death.)

     Adonai, where is your loyal love which you pledged to David in your trustworthiness? We are mocked and taunted and that means you are mocked. For the sake of your name, save us!

     You are our only hope! Praises to Jehovah forever!

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


One thought on “Psalm 89

  1. God has you on the road to recovery. May He continue to do so and give you the strength and healing He has for you. You did not need the offer I made for the extra day so now I would like to make another offer. In process of your recovery if any unexpected expenses comes up please tell me and allow me to help. In the process of healing you have the time to be quiet, listen to Him and be aware of His presence. May His joy fill your heart. Lovingly, Phyllis



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