Psalm 92

     It is good to praise God for who he is, simply for who he is! It is good to thank you, Most High God, and celebrate what you have done with exuberant worship, declaring how your consistent, faithful love permeates my every morning and night. O Jehovah, you put joy in my heart; it bubbles forth in glad songs of praise to you.

     The evidence of your power and love for mankind are demonstrated all around me in the magnificent work of your creation, Elohim. What I see causes me to sing for joy in the privilege of knowing the one who created it all. What is too profound for me, the thoughts within your mind, the reasonings that I cannot see, energize my faith and deepen my trust in you. Thank you for accomplishing that in me.

     Fools looks no deeper than beasts into all the works of God. Short-sighted, they are like grass ripening soon for a quick but eternal destruction.

     But you, Jehovah, are exalted on high and you occupy your throne forever! You see to the scattering and the destruction of your enemies. You provide the success and tender care of those you love.

     O Lord, in order to declare you are upright, you are my refuge and there is no injustice in you, I want to bear fruit and flourish on into old age. May it be so and may you thereby be glorified!

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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