Psalm 94

O Jehovah Almighty, vengeance rightfully belongs to you. How long will it be before you judge the wicked and render appropriate punishment to the arrogant who resist you? They use their mouths to injure and destroy, crumbling your people and browbeating your inheritance. They slay the weakest among us saying, “The Lord doesn’t see. The God of Jacob pays no attention.”

     You are like brute animals, you fools! God created your own ears and eyes and yet you think he neither hears nor sees! He knows your every thought is emptiness.

     O Yahweh, the man you personally instruct in your Word is blessed indeed; the one to whom you give relief from adversity until you deal with the wicked. You will never abandon your people. The verdicts will once again be founded on righteousness and all the upright in heart will see it.

     Who will help me and stand with me to fight against those who do evil, those who harm others? If God hadn’t strengthened me to speak up I would have remained silent, to my shame.

     When I cry out, “I fear I am slipping!” The mercy of Jehovah holds me up. When anxiety multiplies within me, he brings consoling joy to my soul.

     When those in authority are corrupt they bring on misery by degrees, conspiring against the righteous, condemning the innocent. But the Lord keeps me safe in an inaccessible place; he is my hope and my refuge.

     He shall reward the wicked with their own iniquity, cutting them off in their own schemes.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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