Psalm 95

     Come and join us as we sing aloud, exuberantly and joyfully, not to hear ourselves or to impress others around us, but with our full attention focused on Jehovah, the Rock of our salvation. We come into his presence deeply grateful for who he is and all he has done for us. We pray and praise him with his own words in the Psalms.

     Jehovah is the great Almighty and the highest King above all man-made gods, from vanishing point past to vanishing point future – and even then they are not points, but arrows! In the palm of his hand he holds the deep places of earth, the highest hills and the depths of the seas. Elohim created and maintains complete control over it all!

   Come with me; let us lift up our hearts in worship and bow down our heads in humility before him together, kneeling before Jehovah our Elohim, our Maker. He is worthy of all our worship; he not only made us, we are the people privileged to settle down and dwell in his pasture, living as sheep under his care.

        Today – wait no longer! Today, respond to the voice of God calling you to repentance and fellowship with him. It is the only path to peace and rest.

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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