Psalm 96

     Sing a fresh song of praise to Jehovah; just because you walk in fellowship with him daily, don’t allow your worship to become stale with meaningless ritual. He deserves a victory shout of praise day after day from all the earth, proclaiming who he is and how he delivers from condemnation. His glory and marvelous deeds are demonstrated to Gentile and Hebrew alike. I am very grateful for that, since I am a Gentile!!

     Jehovah is mighty and we can boast in him with enthusiasm and even with volume! Everything else worshipped by people is either created by Elohim or fashioned by the hands of the human worshipper. He will receive the recognition he deserves when people understand all excellence and splendor, all power and beauty are enjoyed in his presence.

     O people! Lift up to Jehovah all the recognition his character deserves. Bring your tributes and join together to worship him, acknowledging the splendor of his holiness and what it means. That very holiness of God causes the earth to tremble before him in fear of his fierce hatred for sin.

     Proclaim to all nations: “Jehovah God reigns sovereign, having firmly established the world and continuing to control its revolutions and all happening upon its surface. He who knows and sees all will bring forth fair judgment. The heavens, the earth, the sea in all its fullness, the fields and trees – all will shout in triumphant joy before Jehovah, for he is coming to judge the world in righteousness and the people in his truth.”    

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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