Psalm 97

     Jehovah reigns; he is king over all – and that means everything! This is reason to rejoice and be glad because the foundation of his throne is righteousness. He is always true to his own nature; he keeps his promises. The shroud of clouds and darkness that surrounds him prevents us from fully understanding him and his dealings with us. He gives us faith to trust him in that darkness.

     His enemies are destroyed, the earth trembles, mountains melt like wax. This is not a God to be taken lightly! The very heavens proclaim, “He is righteous!” His glory is displayed for all to see.

     Worshipping anyone or anything other than Jehovah is cause for shame. All other “gods” will one day bow, acknowledging he is Lord.

     We are glad and rejoice because the judgments God decrees are dependable and right. He is El Elyon, the Most High God, exalted high above any other object of worship.

     Hatred of evil characterizes those who truly love Jehovah. He hedges us about so we never become wicked; he protects us from condemnation. Instead, we revel in the light and joy he pours into our hearts! You he has made righteous can be joyful in Jehovah, expressing your gratitude when you remember his holiness.    

– Personalized researching key words in the original Hebrew


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