Psalm 101

     My life will emanate the music of your undeserved kindness, Jehovah, and the favorable verdict you pronounce over me because of Christ’s death on my behalf. Songs of praise rise up from deep within me.

     It is my heart’s desire to conduct my life in wisdom, obedient to my God, consistent in my home and in public, always eager to enjoy his presence. I will set before my eyes nothing that is destructive and worthless. I hate the devastation I see in the lives of their loved ones caused by those who turn aside. It deepens my gratitude that God’s hand is on me, holding me fast, secure. No one, nothing will ever snatch me away from him and he will never let me become evil.

     I have been slandered and it is painful. I will silence it every chance I get. Those who are deceived and desire to spread their deceit will not dwell with me or be comfortable in my presence because I will not stand for it. I will not tolerate the haughty and arrogant, especially when their attitude arises from deception and intention to slander.

     I will always love and value those who are faithful to God and to each other. Those who know they are forgiven much are the ones from whom I will seek wisdom and counsel.

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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