Psalm 102

     Listen and give your attention to my cry for help, O Lord. Please don’t hide your face from me in my time of sorrow and distress. Attend to me soon! My heart is deeply wounded and my life is passing away like a wisp of smoke. I can’t eat; I’m reduced to skin and bones.

     I have enemies carping at me, breaking my heart. Is it my sinfulness that causes your indignation and wrath to put me away from you so I wither like grass? I know you endure forever, O Lord, and will show mercy once again, when the time is right. I know you will not forever reject my cry for help; you will respond to my great need!

     Let this declaration go forth for generations not yet created: “The Lord looked down from his throne on high. Hearing the groans of condemned mankind, he took action to secure their release in order that his name would be praised in the congregation of worshippers.”

     I ask for a long, strong life to love and serve him. Being the sovereign God he is, he may assign to me weakening strength and shortness of days. It is my intention to cooperate with his assignments in my life.

     O God, the Almighty One, in the beginning you established the structures of the heavens and the earth. They will not last forever as you will do. You will change them and they will be renewed. But you never change; there never will be an end to you. You also have established your servants and their children to be eternally in your presence.

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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