Psalm 103

I rise up in praise of the Lord’s mercies.

     O my soul, from deep within me, adoration for Jehovah arises. I praise him as I recall all the ways he blesses and benefits me. He forgives all my sinfulness by laying it on my Savior, the Son. He heals the sin-sickness of my soul and ultimately all the diseases of my body. He redeems my life from destruction and protects me from anything that would separate me from him.

     He pours into my heart love for him and compassionate love for other people. He meets my needs and my desires. Ultimately everything he assigns to my life is beneficial for my relationship with him. He keeps renewing my youth so I feel energetic and excited to live in him.

     Jehovah does what is right and delivers a favorable judgment for those who have been oppressed.

     God doesn’t play games with us. He lets us know what he requires. He spoke directly to Moses; he provided and preserved for us his written Word. He lets us know who he is: compassionate, gracious, patient, abounding in love, merciful – not repaying us according to our sinfulness.

     Those who respond to his hatred for sin in appropriate reverence and submission discover him to be compassionate. His love baffles the imagination as he removes our transgressions completely through the life, death and resurrection of his Son.

     He knows us very well and knew we could never enter into relationship with him unless he provided redemption. Human life is fleeting and vulnerable but the everlasting love of Jehovah is poured out on those he calls his own. He pardons all the sinfulness of those to whom he gives faith to trust him for salvation. He declares us, “Not guilty and never again to be called guilty!”

     Jehovah reigns from his throne in heaven and he is the blessed controller of all things! All his angels, his servants, all the works of his hands rise up and praise him. My soul joins you in praise of our wonderful Jehovah!

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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