Psalm 104

     O my soul, acknowledge and adore Jehovah Elohim for his excellence, his grandeur and majesty. Light envelopes him like a garment, he who spreads out the universe as a tent over us and establishes the beams of his heaven there.

     The clouds and the wind serve him; he rides them like a chariot. Fire and winds are his servants, his messengers.

        Elohim established the foundations of the earth and the boundaries of the seas. He maintains control over it all. We work hard to cultivate what we plant and God sees to the whole world, providing food and water for man and animal alike. He provides abundantly: wine to cheer the heart, oil to enhance life, bread for strength. He continually cares for all his creation.

          Elohim appointed orbits for the sun and the earth; he makes the moon mark the seasons. God’s purpose is served in the darkness as well as the daylight.

     Your works are myriad, Jehovah! In your wisdom you created the earth, mankind, all birds and animals and the sea, broad and proud, in which all kinds and sizes of creatures frolic and on which ships sail back and forth.

     All look to you for the sustaining of life. When you give it they are satisfied with that good gift. When you withhold they die and return to dust. When you give new life another being lives.

     May the reputation of Jehovah be honored forever! May he be pleased with what he has created and maintains. He has only to look on the earth and it trembles. He strikes the mountains and they smoke!

     I will sing praise to Jehovah my Elohim as long as I draw breath. May my words and my heart’s meditations be pleasing to you, O Jehovah.

     One day unrepentant unbelievers no longer will populate the earth and no more wicked will be seen.

     My soul rises up to adore, bless and praise Jehovah.

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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