Psalm 105

     Jehovah deserves our gratitude and our spreading abroad his fame for the miraculous, majestic things he has done. Celebrate his holy character! The hearts of those who desire relationship with Jehovah can rejoice as they continually look to him for strength and personal communion. Always remember what he has done on our behalf.

     He swore an oath of love to Abraham which applies to all those to whom God gives saving faith in Christ. He continually protects us from anything that would take us out of that covenant of love.

     One way he confirmed that covenant was in preserving the lives of his chosen people by sending Joseph ahead of them into Egypt to provide food in time of famine. Another confirmation was the sending of Moses to speak for him and let Egypt suffer plagues until his chosen people were released from bondage, strong in body and rich with gifts of Egyptians’ silver and gold. He brought his people out of bondage with a joyful shout and into the land of inheritance so they could be protected with his statutes and observe his laws.

     Boast in Jehovah!

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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