Psalm 106

     Hallelu Yah! Praise Jehovah! Though we are consistently sinful, he continues to be good to us. Be grateful for his love which has no end and because of which he redeems instead of condemning us as we deserve.

     There are no words adequately to express what the Lord has done, who he is and the praise of which he is worthy. Ours are but feeble attempts.

     God’s blessing rests on those who would maintain justice and consistently do what is right. No one does this perfectly so we value his mercy and his focus on the heart he transforms rather than the erratic obedience we display.

   O Jehovah, because you have chosen me for nothing in myself but for your love alone, I know I will share in the ultimate joy and join with all your inheritance in praising you!

     As the children of Israel rebelled and failed you time and time again, I too fail you every day. There are times I exchange the glory of who you are in order to give my worshipping attention to someone or something other than you! And in order to demonstrate your power you pour your grace and mercy over me, making me aware that without you I can do absolutely nothing good. You strengthen me for obedience, forgive me when I fail and strengthen me again for obedience. May you be glorified by this display of your grace in me!

     All my praise belongs to you, Lord God, Jehovah Elohim of Israel who IS from everlasting to everlasting! May all people say “Amen! Praise Jehovah!”

  • Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew

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