Psalm 107:1-32

     Those Jehovah has redeemed, whom he has gathered from the four corners of the earth and protected from enemies desiring to destroy their connection to him must be quick and consistent in making this declaration: “I am grateful to Jehovah for he is good in forever protecting me from the condemnation my sinfulness deserves!”

     Some were wanderers, hungry and thirsty, feeling pressed on all sides as life ebbed away. When Jehovah turned their hearts back to him they cried out for deliverance and he rescued them from that tight place. He led them to settle in his faithful love. Be grateful for the satisfaction he provides.

     Some had been arrogant, rebelling against El Elyon, the Most High, despising his counsel so he brought their hearts down with dark imprisonment. When Jehovah turned their proud hearts back to him, they cried out to him and he saved them from their anguish. He broke their chains and brought them from darkness and gloom into light. Let them proclaim aloud their gratitude for the faithful love of Jehovah and his power in setting his loved ones free.

     Others were simply rebellious and perverse. Illness was the consequence of their sin and they nearly died. When God gave them faith to trust him for salvation he healed them, rescuing them from an early grave. Let them be enthusiastic in their praise of God for his loyal, covenant love and his powerful works on behalf of his loved ones. Be thankful and sing with joy in your hearts!

     There were many others in grave danger on the sea where they made their living. Tempests threatened their lives. When God turned their hearts to him they cried to him for help. He calmed the storm and delivered their vessel safely to shore. Oh, that all men who witness Jehovah’s amazing demonstrations of power and compassion for his loved ones would lift high his name and praise him to each other!

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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