Psalm 108

     You have firmly established the core of my being, O God, and from that core songs of joy and praise arise with each new dawn! Upon any platform you give me, I will praise you and sing my gratitude for your great love and faithfulness. I want my words and the consistency of my deeds to lift you up to receive the praise you deserve. If my life doesn’t show them you, I know I’m living in vain. If my life doesn’t show them you, may they never even remember my name.

     The Triune God triumphantly makes assignments for his loved ones. He chose for me a place of his called Gilead, settling me to minister there many years in joy and sorrow, always helping me with his powerful right hand and protecting me from anything that would hinder my relationship with him.

     Who will bring me out to ultimate victory? In Elohim I am more than a conqueror; he will trample my enemies.

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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