Psalm 109

     O Elohim, worthy of all my praise, please don’t keep silent now! I am being falsely accused and my heart is breaking. In return for love I receive hatred; my accuser rewards me evil for the good I have done.

     The psalmist was falsely accused; he wanted you to condemn his accusers, ruin them and their families as well. I ask you to take action but I do not desire destruction and ruin to befall this individual. I ask you to reveal truth, bring a change of heart and restored, even improved, relationship.

   I trust you, Yahweh, my Sovereign God, to deal with me in the way that brings you the greatest glory and me the greatest good. I am depressed in mind and circumstance; my heart is wounded. Help me; save me from this sadness, O Lord, my God.

     I am unable to do anything about this situation but you, Jehovah, can turn it around. I ask you to do that and then to make my accuser aware that a different way of thinking and remembering is coming from you.

     The Lord takes his stand right beside the needy one, to save from condemnation. My mouth and my heart will lift up Jehovah and praise him!

– Personalized, key words researched in original Hebrew


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