Psalm 111

Praise Yahweh. He has done great things – deeds to be recalled and appreciated by those who benefit from them. I will be exuberant and vocal in my corporate worship of him!

What Jehovah accomplishes is majestic and glorious; there never has been a failure of righteousness in him and there never will be. He is gracious and compassionate in causing us to remember the wonders of what he has done for us and thereby leading us into a life of devotion to him.

He provided food for his wandering children in the desert and demonstrated his power on their behalf in giving them the inheritance of the nations.

All the instructions Jehovah provides are completely trustworthy, standing firm for ever and ever, given to us from his faithfulness and truth.

He delivered his people from bondage, establishing an everlasting covenant with them. His name is above every name. He is holy; his fierce hatred for sin is to be rightfully feared!

Appropriate reverence and submission to the self-existent Yahweh forms the foundation for wisdom. Those who follow his commands have good insight; they have the right grid for accurate interpretation of life experiences and assignments from God.

He deserves unending praise!

– Personalized, researching key words in the original Hebrew


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