Psalm 112

Praise Yahweh! He blesses the one who responds appropriately to his authority and his fierce hatred of sin, taking great delight in his commands. That person will have a family blessed with all they need including righteousness.

Even in darkness there will be light for we know that in all things God is working for the good of the one who loves him and cooperates with his purpose of conforming each of us into an increasingly accurate representation of Jesus Christ in our world.

These righteous people will be remembered for displaying kindness and compassion. Generous with their resources, they conduct their business with integrity.

They have a firm foundation in the Lord, neither living in fear of bad news nor shaken when they receive it. They trust the sovereignty of Jehovah, knowing he is always at work to promote his glory and our good.

The ungodly will see what happens to the righteous; it will totally confuse and infuriate them. Their longings will come to nothing.

– Personalized, researching key words in the original Hebrew


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