Psalm 115

O Jehovah, I am ashamed at how often I yield to temptation and grab glory for myself. You deserve all glory for your trustworthiness and steadfast, loyal love!

Sometimes when I struggle, those around me may wonder where you are. They expect you to rescue me from every difficulty if you are real. I know you select just the right assignments for my life, including difficult ones, to deepen my trust in you, to glorify you and accomplish the very best good in me.

Others trust in the work of their own hands. What a waste! Those who trust in idols are dead as their idols, with no praise for the Lord. How sad!

I will trust in the self-existent, eternal God, Jehovah. He is my help and shield. He will bless me as I fear him appropriately, acknowledging his authority over me. He continues his sanctifying work in me, in my children, my grandchildren and those I am privileged to influence. What greater blessing could I desire?

I will adore the Lord from this moment on. Hallelu – Jah!

– Personalized, researching key words in the original Hebrew


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