Psalm 116

Jehovah inspires love within me because he gives attention to my voice, responding according to my need and not according to what I deserve. I will commune with him as long as I have breath!

When I suffer distress and anguish and think I will die, I pray, “O Lord, whatever you do with my body, please rescue my soul!” When I am brought low he saves me, giving rest to my soul, always treating me well.

I love to see God reveal himself in the pages of his written Word. Here he shows me he is gracious, righteous (just) and merciful (compassionate), dealing with me on the basis of his love rather than what I deserve. It is good to be a simple person because the Lord watches over and guards the simple.

O Lord, you deliver my soul from death. I have no reason for tears or stumbling because I walk with you in the land of the living!

I pray because I believe God is gracious, righteous and merciful and he listens to me. I go to him when I am deeply troubled and alarmed by the deceitfulness of men.

I lift up my praise for salvation, thanking him for drinking up all the wrath of God against my sin. I will not be silent or private but expressive and public in my gratitude for freedom from bondage to sin. Praise the Lord!

– Personalized, researching key words in the original Hebrew


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