Psalm 118

To be truly grateful one must have wanted something very much or have been in great need of it. I was in the greatest need of God’s goodness to me, his steadfast, covenant love. This faithful, gracious love of his will never, never end and I will be forever grateful! I was bound by sin, unable to respond to God. He acted and set me free!

Jehovah is FOR me, therefore I refuse to let fear incapacitate me. What real harm can any human being do to me anyway, with God sovereign over the assignments of my life? Jehovah stands with me helping me handle anything that would hurt me. Trusting in human beings for protection is not wise. It is far better to take refuge in Jehovah and trust his plan.

The Lord is my salvation and the strength of my life. He brings forth glad songs of salvation from my heart because his powerful right hand is my valiant protector. He disciplines me as severely as I need but never yields me over to death. In fact, he redeems my soul from death!

Those who thought they were building a salvation plan rejected the Cornerstone God provided when he revealed himself. But this is the wonderful plan of God and it is a marvelous plan, indeed! Let us rejoice in this day of salvation – a gift from God!

O Lord, save us! Give us success in our warfare against Satan and his demons, the world culture around us that would press us into its mold and our own self-absorbed ambitions and pride. No battles will be won without your help. Without you we can do nothing!

Lord God, I am deeply grateful that you made your light shine upon me, giving me insight to see my need for your salvation. You are MY God and I will give you thanks. You are MY God and I want you to be lifted high in my life. You are the ultimate good. I give thanks to you and for you; your covenant love endures forever!

– Personalized, researching key words in the original Hebrew


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