Psalm 119:25-32

     My default is to cling to the things of this world that is not even my home! Please make me whole according to your Word. When I am honest with you, you answer me and goad me to receive your instruction regarding your appointments for my life and my eternity.

     Help me understand your sovereign appointments over my life. I will ponder your wonders within and then declare them enthusiastically to others.

     When I am weary with sorrowful depression over my sinfulness, please lift me up with the strength available in your word.

     I often stretch the truth or engage in outright lies, Lord, please remove deceit far from me. Because you have transformed my heart I now much prefer the way of truth. Stoop to favor me through your statutes.

     My heart is set on your judgments. I cling to your statutes, O Lord. Don’t let me be put to shame and thereby bring reproach upon your wonderful name! I run in the path of your judgments because you have enlarged my heart and set it free from bondage to sin and death.

– Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew


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