Psalm 119:65-72

     I love the promise from your word that tells me because you have given me love for you and called me to cooperate with your agenda for my life and the world, you will see that all thing in my life work together to promote my good as they are also promoting your glory. All things!

     Teach me discretion and discernment, for you have given me a firm trust in your commands.

     Before you bent me toward you I went astray, but now I keep and guard what you say. You are good and kind; you do that which makes me happy, successful and right. Help me remember that your assignments in my life are always part of your good plan.

     Even though the arrogant who reject you would seek to smear me with lies, I guard your appointments with all my heart. Their unredeemed hearts are callous and insensitive but you have given me a delight for your instructions.

     It was best that I be afflicted for a time in order that you would bend me toward you, to learn that you make the appointments in my life. The precepts you express are more precious to me than all the wealth in the world!

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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