Psalm 119:73-80

     Your hands manufactured and prepared me, giving me comprehension to be instructed in your commands. May I represent you so well that others who revere you rejoice when they see the hope I place in what you say.

     O Lord, I know your decisions are right and in faithfulness you bend me toward you. May your unfailing love console me in difficult times as you have promised. Let your compassion enable me to survive, for your law is my delight.

     Shame the arrogant who treat me badly because I muse with gratitude and praise on your instructions. May those find a friend in me who revere you appropriately, acknowledging your laws.

   Enable me to view affliction and assignments accurately as arising from your trustworthiness, that I may not be put to shame and become anxious regarding the hope of my salvation.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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