Psalm 119:81-88

     My soul longs for your deliverance; I put my expectation in what you say. My eyes fail gazing expectantly so long for your promise. When will you have pity on me, the mercy I do not deserve?

     Though I wither like wineskin in smoke, I hold on to what you appoint for my life.

     How long must I wait to see you execute just judgment on my persecutors? They are the arrogant who reject your instructions and dig pitfalls for me, persecuting me without cause. They have almost destroyed me.

     I realize the assignments in my life come from you; I trust you and therefore I trust your assignments. The problem is my sinful inability to be consistently submissive in my response to you. But I do not abandon my confidence in your assignments. Please preserve my life according to your loyal covenant love; enable me to obey the warnings you speak. Without you I can do nothing.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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